A blog written and maintained by a thirty-something dude about to embark on a new adventure. The new adventure of LIFE!

I wrote for many years on the old Blogger site, but since the people I followed on that site aren’t there anymore, I decided to take what’s left of my writing ability to WordPress. 😊

Why are you looking at me like that? 😕 Oh, right. 😅

Expect to find daily musings, hip hopping life stories, tall-tales and big fish stories from my childhood, and I’ll warn you in advance before I post anything about SPORTS.

Thanks for following or subscribing, whatever it’s called. I’ll schedule three posts per week, more or less (hopefully, not less).

I don’t have a business email setup for this blog as of late, but once I’m up and running there will be one at the end of this page, instead of this ridiculous sentence about making excuses about credit card scams and alien invasions.


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